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Symmetry In Architecture – Photocrowd


Architecture by its nature has many examples of symmetry on display, and when photographing architecture a strong approach can be to seek out that symmetry and to represent it. This can be either in a straight way that produces a near-symmetrical image itself, or in less obvious ways that play with the symmetrical subject. Either […]

Statues and Monuments – Photocrowd


Statues - carved or cast figures of people or animals, especially ones that are life-size or larger - and monuments - statues, buildings, or other structures erected to commemorate a notable person or event - adorn our town and city centres, our village squares, our mueums, and very occasionally our beaches (see above!) They often […]

Landscapes With Water – Photocrowd


Landscape imagery is often livened up considerably when it features water, in whatever form. From still lakes that reflect the surrounding landscape, to gushing waterfalls and rivers that provide a great focal point and often a leading line that dissects the scene. This contest is not for seascapes, but rather landscapes that feature freshwater in […]

Town and City Skylines – Photocrowd


Many hands have their say in the profile of a town or city’s skyline. Buildings built over many years each add their own element to the view across the rooftops, and that profile can often be extremely distinctive, especially when a signature building or tower is present. Who would have difficulty identifying Paris with the […]

Peace and Calm – Photocrowd


How have you embodied peace and calm in your imagery? A serene landscape that soothes the viewer, or a milky, flat seascape with drifting cloud and a wandering gull? Or maybe a portrait of someone in quiet reflection, finding a moment to tap into the ever present stillness that can be found even amongst chaos. […]

Parallel Lines – Photocrowd


Another great theme for anyone wanting to head out with their camera, eagle-eyed, to explore their local environs and see what interesting images they can harvest. Architectural imagery is likely, and indeed the built, urban environment more generally is going to yield a lot of parallel lines. But look everywhere, and on different scales. Many […]