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Ceilings – Photo contest

2021, október 8 @ 08:00 - 2022, január 21 @ 17:00 CEST

” Remembering to look up is important for photographers, and indeed for anyone with an interest in their surroundings. Ceilings can be beautiful and ornate, and they can be featureless and dull. So whether you’ve taken a shot of the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel, or the view from your pillow, the Photocrowd community is waiting to see the ceilings you’ve found yourselves looking up at.

This contest is expert judged only with no rating by the crowd. You will be able to find out how you did when the judging or rating period has closed.

Entries close: 21 January 2022

Judging: 21 January 2022 to 28 January 2022

Winners announced: 28 January 2022 ”



október 8 @ 08:00 CEST
2022, január 21 @ 17:00 CEST
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