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Cafe Rassembler in Kyodo Photo Exhibition “Musashino”

október 28 - október 31

Dear friends, hope you are fine and active in this cooler early autumn.
We have five Cafe Rassembler events in this October. Find your suitable
day and power up your immune system by synergy of going out and tasting
our music and art in our event.

Reserve your seat in our events as follows.

Cafe Rassembler in Minami-Azabu on 7th(Thu.) and 17th(Sun.)

Pleasure of Motives Development: How composrs provide deep emotions to audience
by their symphonic or piano works?

Cafe Rassembler in Kyodo part 1 on 28th(Thu.), 29th(Fri.) and 30th(Sat.)

Tadao Takiguchi Photo Exhibition “Land Scape of Musashino”: Synergy Art with Original Music

Cafe Rassembler in Kyodo part 2 on 30th(Sat.)

Joy of Takehiko Sueoka Multi Keyboard Performance, Ensenble & Piano Solo Music with
Japanese Taste
Joint with Midori Kawaguchi(Soprano) and Mika Fujiwara(Flute)

Images of Cafe Rassembler
Yours Sincerely,
Takehiko Sueoka

Minami-Azabu Pure Music & Art Community


október 28
október 31
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