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Earth.Org Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition 2022


Published: Sunday, 1 August 2021 Deadline 4 April 2022 Who may enter The competition is open to anyone. Details The competition is organized by Earth.Org, a not-for-profit environmental organisation based in Hong Kong. “Earth.Org invites explorers, professional photographers and photographers working on the front line of wildlife conservation across the world to submit their photographs for […]

MASTERWORKS OF MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY 1900-1940: The Thomas Walther Collection

Jeu de Paume Paris 1 Pl. de la Concorde, Párizs, -

In 2001 and 2017, The Museum of Modern Art in New York acquired more than 350 photographs from the collector Thomas Walther. This collection, which is now one of the pillars of MoMA’s modern collection, is presented for the first time in France in an exhibition of some 230 images. Comprising iconic works from the […]

Monovisions Photo Awards 2022

" MonoVisions Photography Awards are an international open call for photographers using black and white medium to express their visual language. Our aim is to discover the best monochrome photographers from all over the world and deliver the best opportunities to be recognized and rewarded for their work. You can compete for $5000 in cash […]


Palazzo Sarcinelli Via XX Settembre, 132,, Conegliano

In giornata con Swami Viaggi di Monfalcone in pullman verso la nuova grande mostra di Palazzo Sarcinelli dedicata al fotografo statunitense Steve McCurry. Nato nel 1950 a Philadelphia, McCurry studiò arte e cinema. Fu però un viaggio in India a rivoluzionare il suo percorso artistico. Nel corso dei suoi viaggi catturò con i suoi scatti […]

Ceilings – Photo contest

" Remembering to look up is important for photographers, and indeed for anyone with an interest in their surroundings. Ceilings can be beautiful and ornate, and they can be featureless and dull. So whether you've taken a shot of the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel, or the view from your pillow, the Photocrowd community is […]

Movement in Nature – Photo contest

" Nature is a broad term, which for the purposes of our contests refers to the natural world, but excluding humans, or depictions and evidence of human activity. Movement in nature is found all around us, from our gardens and local parks, to distant lands we may have travelled to, so this is a theme […]

Small birds – Photo contest

" The smaller the bird, the more challenges are presented to the photographer. Longer lenses and quick wits are needed, as these tiny subjects are usually more active and less likely to wait around for you to get your focus and framing right. Small birds are defined for this contest as those with a wingspan […]

Ízkalandozások a Távol-Keleten – Fotókiállítás a tajvani street food kultúráról

Damjanich János Múzeum Kossuth tér 4., Szolnok, -

Tajvan, vagy ahogy a régi utazók hívták Formosa, Kelet-Ázsia egyik legizgalmasabb szigete. Az egyedülálló természeti és kulturális kincsek mellett gasztronómiája is párját ritkító. A fotókiállításon valódi kulináris utazásra invitálják a kalandvágyó látogatókat a „street food fővárosaként” is emlegetett dél-tajvani Tajnan város utcáira. Izgalmas ízek, nyüzsgő piacok és évszázados receptek várják azt, aki megtekinti az ’Ízkalandozás […]

Abstract Architecture – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" Get close enough to pretty much anything and you can shoot an effective abstract. Buildings are a particularly good subject for abstract photography given their use of varied materials, shapes, textures and colours. And they don’t always require you to be right up close, given that they are often large, and somewhat abstract in […]

Empty – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

"Pots, seed pods and fridges can be empty. So can rooms, streets and skies. This conceptual brief gives plenty of scope for interpretation, and for having some fun exploring your surroundings with camera in hand. Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to rate once the submissions period has ended. You can see […]

The Colour Orange – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" A spirit-lifting contest for images of all things orange. This contest is expert judged only with no rating by the crowd. You will be able to find out how you did when the judging or rating period has closed. Entries close: 18 February 2022 Judging: 18 February 2022 to 25 February 2022 Winners announced: […]

Street Portraits – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" Street portraits are fascinating peeks into the worlds of those who we pass every day as we go about our business. We’re defining a street portrait as an outdoor portrait in a built environment where the subject knows you are photographing them. You may or may not know the subject. In terms of stepping […]

Endangered Species – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" Sadly there are more and more species falling under the definition of being endangered. This photo contest can maybe help serve as a reminder of the diversity of life on our planet, and that we must all do more to align our lives with the needs of the natural world if we’re to give […]

RHS Photographic Competiton 2022

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

"The aim of the competition is to promote high quality and beautiful photography; and the RHS wants to inspire everyone to grow by encouraging people to share their two passions of gardening and photography.v The competition is a multi-category, free to enter annual competition aimed at garden lovers, horticulturists and photographers alike. The RHS Photographic […]

Olympus Image Of The Year Award 2021

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

"Olympus is continuing to search for the best light microscopy images in 2021. Olympus’ third Global Image of the Year Life Science Light Microscopy Award recognizes the very best in life science imaging worldwide. Images do not need to be taken with an Olympus-branded microscope. No purchase necessary to enter or win. Images must be […]

Winter – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

"The seasons are such rich concepts with which to drive our passion for photography. Capturing the essence of winter, in our landscapes, our behaviour and the lives of wildlife can take us out shooting when the weather might otherwise suggest it’s preferable to stay indoors. Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to […]

MUSE Photography Awards 2022

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

"The MUSE Photography Awards celebrates the creative ethos and underlying afternotes of what makes a photograph so influential. We want to see the ever-thriving visuals arts community grow from the view of their camera lens and share stories that will live on for decades to come. From promoting the work of photography professionals to aspiring […]

“Parányi és rejtett univerzumok” – Potyó Imre, az év természetfotósának a kiállítása

Széchenyi Zsigmond Kárpát-Medencei Magyar Vadászati Múzeum

Reflektorfényben a természet! - Irány a hatvani Grassalkovich-kastély! Hallottál már a gyepi békáról? 🐸 Hazánkban csak szórványosan fordul elő, a hóolvadás után már keresi a kisebb vizeket, hogy szaporodjon. Szinte hihetetlen, de a rejtett bölcsőjükhöz érve mély, ütemes brummogást hallhatunk. 🧐 És dunavirágokat láttál már a csillagok alatt? Potyó Imre környezetkutató, a Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park […]

“Mór télen” 2021-2022 – Lamberg-kastély Művelődési Központ, Könyvtár és Muzeális Kiállítóhely fotópályázata


Lakóhelytől függetlenül bárki részt vehet a pályázaton. Egy szerző maximum öt fekete-fehér vagy színes, digitális fotót küldhet be, melyeket a téli időszakban, Móron készített. A beküldött képek egy részéből kiállítást rendezünk 2022-ben, az adventi ünnepkör keretében, a Lamberg-kastélyban. A pályázat kiírója fenntartja magának a válogatáős jogát a képanyagból. Pályázati feltételek: -Pályázni csak saját képpel lehet, maximum […]

Magical Nature 2022 – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

The contest “Magical Nature” is hosted by Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers (ZNFS). The contest is open to amateur as well as professional photographers from around the world. Members of the jury, members of the competition management group and their nearest relatives are not eligible for participation. Every participant can submit up to 20 digital […]

Global Photo Awards 2022

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" Our mission is to create an opportunity for everyone loving photography to receive recognition for their work. We strive to award and show the best photos worldwide. We invite everyone to upload photos in each of the categories People and Nature. How It Works:  ​Prizes In total, $10,000 USD in cash prizes are awarded. […]

Corners – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" Corners are a peculiarly human invention. When our walls, roads, and edges converge, they they are, filling the world with angles. Take a fresh look at your environment, or your archive, with corners in mind. This contest is expert judged only with no rating by the crowd. You will be able to find out […]

Composition – Leading Lines – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" Another compositional aid, and theory, for our exploration in this contest. Leading lines will be familiar to most - features in an image that lead the eye from one part of it to another, most often from the foreground to the background, and sometimes converging on the same point. They can help bring the […]

World Water Day Photo Contest 2022

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

"The Lions Club of Seregno AID Ets based in Seregno (MB) in collaboration with UN Water (Coordinating the UN’s work on water and sanitation), together with Lions Acqua per la vita MD108, the patronage of the European Community, the Province of Monza Brianza, the Municipalities of Seregno, Monza, Melegnano and Gruppo Solidarietà Africa, in the […]

XXI Videominute International Contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" The Area of Culture of the Dpt. of Culture and Social Affairs of Universidad de Zaragoza, with the collaboration of Cinemaremagnum Servicios Audiovisuales, wants to announce the regulations for the XXI Videominute International Contest with the purpose of stimulating creation in the domain of video-creation and animation, according to the following regulations: REGULATIONS 1.-PARTICIPANTS  All […]

Hobbies and Pastimes – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

"If spending every evening in front of the television isn’t your thing, you might be one of the many who have hobbies and pastimes to fill their time. From the regular - rambling and baking - to the less common - extreme ironing and newsraiding - there is no end to how we choose to […]

The Allard Prize Photography Competition

Magyarország Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest

" Short description The Allard Prize Photography Competition invites photographers from around the globe to submit images reflecting themes of leadership and courage in combating corruption and promoting human rights. “ Entries should reflect themes of courage and leadership in combating corruption, especially through promoting transparency, accountability and the rule of law, and of human […]

Meghosszabbítva: Lenergy – Az Év Természetfotósa 2021 – fotókiállítás

Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum Ludovika tér 2-6., Budapest

„Lenergy – Az Év Természetfotósa 2020” pályázat ünnepélyes eredményhirdetésére és a kiállítás megnyitására ezúttal személyesen és online kerül sor. Idén is megrendezésre kerül hazánk és a régió legnagyobb természetfotós seregszemléje. A falon lévő képekből készült diaporáma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiOwdRxz6cs

Trees – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

"Trees put on a real display at this time of year, as the leaves brown and fall, and reveal the skeletons beneath. But all year round they have a story to tell. We’re becoming ever more aware of their crucial role in maintaining the health of the planet, and they also just happen to be […]

Self-portraiture – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" Turning the camera on oneself can be a challenge for the photographer, mired as it is in questions of self-image, ego, and one’s public persona, with technical challenges thrown in for good measure. But it’s a practise that serious artists have undertaken for many centuries, and one that doubtless rewards when time, effort and […]

Environmental Protest- Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

As the climate crisis deepens, environmental protest is growing around the world. Calling for more action, and more quickly than the world’s leaders are currently managing. Schoolchildren have rallied around the Greta Thunberg-inspired School Strike for Climate, Extinction Rebellion have blocked roads, highlighted some of the worst offending industries and organisations, and been arrested in […]

Pets in Action – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

Running, leaping, flying, climbing… and whatever else your pet gets up to when it’s up and on the go! Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to rate once the submissions period has ended. You can see all the images uploaded to a contest, but will need to rate them to see how […]

Retouch – Composite Images -Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

All elements of entered composite image must have been shot by you. With skill and creativity, composite images can be greater than the sum of their parts. Composites are as old as photography itself, but the move to digital has made it much easier to realise one’s vision. Skill in post-production is an essential element of […]

A Right Old Mess – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" We’re celebrating disorder, untidiness, chaos and a notable lack of feng shui in this contest. Go looking for the house with the hoarder, the alley behind the shops, the hair that hasn’t been brushed, and the building development that REALLY shouldn’t have been given planning permission. Interpret the theme as you see fit, and […]

August Sander Award 2022

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

The prize is designed to promote young artists working in the field of documentary and conceptual photography. In honor of August Sander’s seminal contribution to portrait photography, the candidates’ photographic work should primarily focus on portraiture. The prize is awarded every two years. The artist should submit a largely completed series of maximum 20 photographs […]

Current World Archaeology Photo Of The Year 2022

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

Send us your best archaeological photos from any location around the world for your chance to win first prize in Current World Archaeology magazine's annual photo competition. The winning image and three runners-up will be featured in CWA magazine and on our websites, and the overall winner will receive a personalised Current World Archaeology trophy. […]

Bike Magazine Photography Contest 2022

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

BIKE Magazine is dedicated to present diverse artworks, articles, pictures, and stories for the readers and cycling community worldwide. To emphasize our intention, we have created this photography contest with a wider concept and more categories. You can enter the following categories: Futurism Pro Cycling Road Cycling Off-road Cycling MTB Cycling Holiday Touring Bikepacking Sport […]

Wilhelm Laura: “Rétegek 46N 20E – Tiszaug Kis-ér parti ásatás képekben”

Kecskeméti Katona József Múzeum Bethlen krt. 1., Kecskemét

Egy igazán különleges fotókiállítás nyílik a Kecskeméti Katona József Múzeumban november 26-án, pénteken 18 órakor, "Rétegek 46N 20E - Tiszaug Kis-ér parti ásatás képekben" címmel. A tárlat betekintést enged az ásatások hétköznapi valóságába. Wilhelm Laura fotográfus fél éven keresztül kísérte el édesapját, Wilhelm Gábort, a Kecskeméti Katona József Múzeum régészét a Tiszaug környékén folyó feltárására, […]

SZÓ-LÉLEK-SZEM – 100 éve született Pilinszky János / Bicskei Andrea fotóművész kiállítása

Szegedi Dóm Látogatóközpont Dóm tér 16., Szeged

A kiállítás Pilinszky János születésének 100. évfordulója alkalmából került megrendezésre. A kiállítás megtekinthető: 2021. november 27-tól 2022. február 2-ig (szerda) tekinthető meg a Szegedi Dóm Látogatóközpontban. Nyitvatartás: keddtől-vasárnapig 9-17 óra között. https://www.facebook.com/events/2788885411411127/

Military Vehicles (Air, Land and Sea) – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" A staggering variety of military vehicles have been developed over the years. With their specialist capabilities, speed, size and weaponry, they can inspire awe, interest and fear. And anyone that spent their youth painting plastic models in gun metal grey will retain a certain amount of nostalgia for them. All manner of military vehicles […]

2022 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" Submissions open: 1 December 2021 Submissions close: 1 March 2022 Who may enter  BigPicture is open to all photographers worldwide. Short description The competition is organized by the California Academy of Sciences. “ The annual BigPicture: Natural World Photography Competition encourages photographers from around the world to contribute their work to this photo competition that will both celebrate […]

Global Photo Awards – $10,000 USD in cash prizes will be awarded

Magyarország Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest

Prizes In total, $10,000 USD in cash prizes are awarded. $ 5,000 in each of the two main categories (Nature and People) are split accordingly: $ 3,500 for the 1st Place $ 1,000 for the 2nd Place $    500 for the 3rd Place The winners receive their prize via PayPal and are responsible according […]

Wildlife in Black and White – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" Whilst it is often the colour of the animals on our planet that defines them and wows the viewer, presenting them in black and white has a power of its own. It can focus attention more on their characters, the form of their bodies, and their surrounding habitat. Some colour toning of imagery is […]

Minimalist Landscapes – Photo contest

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

" We’re stripping away excess clutter from our landscapes, and reminding ourselves that pared back imagery with a minimal number of elements can be just as impactful and successful as when the frame is packed with detail. Your minimalist landscapes can include water, but must also contain some land. And human habitation and buildings can […]

Childhood – Photo contest

Magyarország Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest

" Images that capture the essence of childhood range from loving studies of our own children and grandchildren, to more hard-hitting documentary style imagery that brings to light the often difficult lives that children might be experiencing. Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to rate once the submissions period has ended. You […]

 “Erdők ölelése, vizek csobogása” – Pályázati felhívás

Clark Ádám tér 1., Budapest, -

PÁLYÁZATI FELHÍVÁS A Debreceni Nagyerdőért Természetvédelmi és Kulturális Egyesület "Erdők ölelése, vizek csobogása" címmel pályázatot hirdet irodalmi (vers-, próza-, meseíró) és természetfotós kategóriában hazai és határontúli általános- és középiskolások számára. A témaválasztás szabad, de a pályaműnek valamilyen formában mindenképpen kapcsolatban kell lennie az erdővel, a vizekkel, a természetes környezettel. A beérkezett műveket nyolc kategóriában, ismert szakemberekből álló […]

Short List 2021-Esterházy Art Award -Young Scene Hungary

Ludwig Múzeum Komor Marcell u. 1, Budapest, -

December 1-től látogatható a Short List 2021 – Esterházy Art Award kiállítás a Ludwig Múzeum Kortárs Művészeti Múzemban. A 2009-ben alapított díj célja a kortárs képzőművészet és a nemzetközi párbeszéd támogatása. Az egyenként 5000 euróval jutalmazott díjat kétévente, három 45 év alatti képzőművésznek ítéli oda a független szakmai zsűri. A pályázaton festészettel és festészettel határos […]